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Class G License at Florida Security Training Academy

In order to work as an Armed Security Officer in the state of Florida, you must obtain a Class G License. Florida Security Training Academy provides a 28 hour course to fulfill your Class G license requirements. The G License training course will provide the training necessary to be able to work legally as an armed Security Officer in the State of Florida. Once the Florida G security license course has been completed, a temporary G License can be received from the state of Florida by completing a psychological and physical exam. Note that the Florida Security License Class D License must be completed prior to the State of Florida issuing a Class G License. Armed Security Officers in the State of Florida must complete a G renewal on an annual basis. The State has the right to revoke your license if you do not renew your G license on an annual basis. This means that the licensee will have to complete the G License course (28 hours) again.

Florida Security Training Academy provides facilities, instructors, training material, and ranges to conduct this course. Students must bring and use the appropriate accessories for the training: weapons, holsters, carrying accessories and eye and hearing protection.  The total quantity of cartridges per student will be two hundred (200) .38 Special or 9 mm Parabellum. Different calibers require specific arrangements prior to the training. At the end of the course each student will receive the corresponding Florida Security Training Academy  Advanced security Officer Training Course Certification.

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